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the mexican pipeline Huatulco

oaxaca--mexico-surf-trips-salina-cruz-puerto-escondido-beach-surfing-games-surfing-tips-surfing-videos-surfing-pictures-surf-shops-surfing-clothes-surfing-photosSalina  Cruz

The state of Oaxaca is divided in Three main areas

Puerto Escondido 

also known as the Mexican Pipeline 

Home of  the Gnarliest beach break on the world  


Puerto Escondido is a corner of Mexico located on the coast of Oaxaca, along with a wonderful sea with all shades in blue, between Huatulco and Puerto de Acapulco. 

This place was a small former fishing village to which he was discovering hidden places with beautiful beaches to be enjoyed by those who have opportunity to reach this site. 

The soft sand of its beaches and tropical climate are an extraordinary formula, to spend some days in a place where you can still enjoy peace and tranquility. 

Its cobbled streets until recently, hardy as they are in the small towns of our coasts, have become comfortable with newly paved roads, which are on either side large buildings devoted to trade and the attention of tourists, who find Puerto Escondido a good place to rest, 

There are several beaches that you can visit, located near the center of the population, are Playa Zicatela, with waves for surfing, which are harnessed to make international cricket competitions, Playa Principal, next to the cobbled streets commercial Bacocho Beach, with rock walls and vegetation Carrizalillo beach with fine sand and calm surf, Playa Puerto Angelito, diving and swimming pool as, Playa Puerto Manzanillo, with white sand and suitable for sunbathing. 

You can also visit by special tours, several very interesting nearby sites such as: Puerto Angel, the crocodile farm, several ponds, the reserve of turtles and other locations. 

You can get to Puerto Escondido to Oaxaca taking the road, then continue by reaching the coast at the height of Puerto Angel, or the highway to Acapulco at this port continue leading to the Bays Huatulco on the Pacific coast.
spectacular beaches, reefs full of marine life, beautiful scenery, golden sands framed for the Bays of Huatulco. Embedded in the Mexican Pacific paradise is this corner of the state of Oaxaca. Only 30 min. by plane from Oaxaca City and one hour from Mexico City, Huatulco is presented in all its beauty and fullness to the visitor. 
The rest, the warmth of the province and its magnificent beaches make this a very beautiful requested destination for vacationers. 

Huatulco has everything you could ask for a deserved rest. The sun, water sports, ecotourism, its beautiful golf course and one of the most comprehensive spas in the state of Oaxaca. 

Here we have the magic of the blue sky that melts with the sea, also magic cuisine based on seafood and typical dishes of Oaxaca that envelops us with its aromas and flavors, walking through the streets of Crucecita and Santa Cruz us back to the little squares of yesteryear where you can feel the friendliness of its people and the greatness of their customs. 

In few places we can find as much peace and tranquility in Huatulco, and care is a wonderful place where life is uncomplicated and its sunny weather invites us to enjoy every moment without the bustle of big cities. 

Sport fishing, diving, bike ride through the jungle or a boat tour to watch the sunset with only the sound of the waves, we do appreciate those moments are what keep and remember for the rest of our lives . 

The Bays of Huatulco are without doubt an excellent choice for walking in our beautiful Mexico.

Salina Cruz
The region has little to no tourism infrastructure whatsoever and is virtually untouched by development.

Salina Cruz is a blue collar Mexican industrial town with an oil based economy featuring a large Pemex plant, oil refinery and commercial port.

 There are no 4 or 5 star beach resorts here, just Salina Cruz Surf Tours base camp which operates out of the remodeled, modern Haciendas Salina Cruz and Pescador in downtown Salina Cruz, which feature air-conditioned bedrooms w/private bathrooms, hot water, lounge w/TV/DVD/Direct TV and WIFI Internet- all the essentials for the 21st century surfer. Décor is simple but clean.

This is a trip for hardcore surfers who want to surf, eat and sleep, not people looking for a tourist vacation,.

 The surf in this region ranges from intermediate to expert in difficulty level. There are many fast, hollow waves for short boarding and also several classic points for longboarding.

Stephanie Gilmore, Megan Abubo,Coco Ho, Alana Blanchard,Paige Hareb Head to Mexico
With Salina Cruz Surf Tours And Camp

surf camp
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